The 2nd DoJa Application Contest


Honorable Mention

Kiss That Frog by Claire Jeannequin (France)

Kiss That Frog by Claire Jeannequin (France)

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An adventure game that will take you, a leaping frog, on a thrilling and dangerous journey!

As Prince, after enacting government policy to reduce greenhouse gasses, you were fed a powerful gene-modifying potion that turned you into a frog, and then you were casted into the sewers to fend for yourself, with the uncertain hope of somehow finding a way to escape this wretched fate...

But first, you must learn to dexterously hop over scorching pools of lava to avoid being barbequed! Use the up and down buttons to adjust the angle of each jump, and hold down the select button before releasing to modify jump velocity.

Do you have enough spring in your legs to hop through all three stages?

Judges' Comments

The rules of this game are simple and intuitive, and the visuals and audio are excellent. 'Kiss That Frog' is user-friendly from start to finish, although the game itself has a high level of difficulty, challenging the user to beat each level. Perhaps there could have been some other interesting action features such as fighting or tools. On a side note, assigning operations to the number keys, different from those of the directional keys, is not common practice. Such key assignments have been made by the developer, perhaps resulting in some difficulty learning how to play the game for many users.

However, the overall idea is wonderful, adding a new, almost puzzle-like twist to the conventional action game concept.

Claire's Comments

Claire Jeannequin

Claire Jeannequin



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I would never have thought that this frog prince would leap so high ! I deeply thank the Judges for judging my little app worthy of this honor, the contest organizers for the opportunity they have given the whole community to give the best of themselves, and the whole organization team for the work and support they have provided all along the contest.

What started as a joke with friends took shape little by little. To submit it to the contest was not my idea, but I have to say once there was a deadline and a public to show it to, the motivation to make a finished product went up quite a bit.

At first, I just wanted a simple platform game, easy to use, because a lot of online games are either silly, or too complex to handle. It had to be fun and challenging. The story of the frog prince came as a joke, but gained consistence with the time. The idea is that at the end of every campaign, just like in American TV series, the hero barely misses its chance to regain its human shape, and there we go for another campaign.

There were very difficult issues to resolve (collision detection, in which direction should characters bounce, etc...), and several times I have thought of giving up, but I could not let the prince to its fate... The game will not stop here as very soon it will be released, with a view to creating a community of users : I will release on its website a level design tool so that anybody will be able to create (and publish) its own campaigns. There is a project to make it the corner stone for a newborn software studio, on which I hope to be able to disclose more information soon. If this comes out, it will be also thanks to this contest, so once again many thanks for this contest, and congratulations for the other winners.

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