The 2nd DoJa Application Contest


Award of Excellence

Gunner Man by Carlos Araiz Garcia (Spain)

Gunner Man by Carlos Araiz Garcia (Spain)

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A realistic and action-packed 3D shootout game!

Make your way through a seemingly endless maze, all the while directly in the line of fire... your only hope for survival: a pistol, all the ammo and first-aid kits you can manage to pick up, and your furious fists. Experience revolutionary 3D action, handset vibration and a frightening mood where you can only hear the sound of gun shots, all together making for a virtual reality experience never thought possible on DoJa 2.5 handsets.

How happy is your trigger finger?

Judges' Comments

This game's smooth 3D action catches your eye right away. It may be a bit difficult to play on certain handsets, but maneuvering and directing the gunner man have been made more convenient, as these operations are pre-assigned to the number keys. Interactivity is very good, although it could be even better if there was a map showing the gunner man's location. In many instances, the user doesn't know where to go, but perhaps the game was designed this way to make it challenging. The FPS left something to be desired and one can sense that a bit more devise could be used to set the mood and make this even more of a complete package.

The point that has earned 'Gunner Man' its high ranking is its original 3D engine. This is an excellent technical achievement.

Carlos's Comments

Carlos Araiz García

Carlos Araiz García




(Latest model)

First, I want to give thanks to the Contest Organizers to give the opportunity to individuals to participate in a contest as this, where everyone can show to others the skills programming in DoJa, and it helps to make different and better applications.

It is the first time that I participate in a contest, so my intention was to do it the best possible but overall thinking about have fun and to learn most possible, therefore, the obtaining of the second place has been a very nice surprise and I am really happy for it!

Until now I had programmed something with DoJa 1.5, but as in this edition DoJa 2.5 could be used, I decided to make a First Person Shooter game based on raycasting technique, using the new graphical methods that exists in the API. I don't have a handset to test and in Spain it is difficult to get a DoJa 2.5 handset, so the development was not easy. The greater problem at the time of programming was the difference of performance between modern and old handsets. Finally, I made 4 different versions (the difference among them is the form to render the scene) to choose most appropriate according to the handset model. Also I included in the game the option to choose between different screen sizes and level of detail. Other important part was that the game had to have a relatively simple handling, so I added the possibility of walking automatically, to be able to make better the movements, actions, ... and than the game was easier, dynamic and with better user experience.

To conclude, I'd like to say that the experience in the contest has been very interesting, so I encourage to the rest of people to participate in third edition, in which I hope to participate again.

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