The 2nd DoJa Application Contest


Grand Prize

Nuclear Waste by Cedric Bourse (France)

Nuclear Waste by Cedric Bourse (France)

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A block-dropping game with a highly destructive and ironic nuclear twist!

Your job is to handle the radioactive nuclear waste with the utmost care, making sure not to place two containers of the same type adjacent to one another. Since two containers of the same type touching each other either horizontally or vertically, spells nuclear holocaust, you hold the future of this precious planet in your hands...

So what can you do to save us all? That's where the all-powerful frozen block and your strategy come in to play. By placing a frozen block on top of any column, and then one more block of any type on top of that, you can successfully process and eradicate that entire column of nuclear waste containers, earning yourself a large amount of points. With that in mind, your goals are to safely fill up the entire cave to the top with nuclear waste in order to win the game, and in doing that achieve the highest score that you can.

Put your nuclear processing expertise to the test!

Judges' Comments

This is the overall best game submitted. It may look like just a conventional block dropping game at first glance, but unlike others of its type, in 'Nuclear Waste' you cannot place blocks of the same type on top of or beside one another, making this a very original and well designed, even puzzle-like game, in which you find yourself wrapped up in no time. The visuals and audio are not aimed to be too flashy and the background music really sets the mood for intense gaming. It's very interactive and the fact that the scenario is renewed over and over from stage to stage makes it more and more challenging as you go. The arcade game-style name entry after 'game over' is also a nice touch.

With its truly ingenious design, 'Nuclear Waste' is the essence of quality in simplicity.

Cedric's Comments

Cedric Bourse

Cedric Bourse



Hometheater Set

(Latest model)

I'm very happy to be chosen as a prize winner, and even better, the grand prize ! At first I didn't expect to win, but I wanted to participate because I'm a fan of NTT DoCoMo since I discovered the i-mode concept in 2001, so I said to myself, ok let's try to do something. I didn't know Java Coding before starting the contest, but the DoJa Developer web site is really a great source of very well made tutorials and DoJa have a really nice and easy to use API and tools, that's why it didn't took me longer to start coding a little game for the contest. I think the DoJa Contest is a really great idea, it allow amateur developers to show what they can do and prove that winning a prize can be possible even if you think that "it always happen to others". About my DoJa application I think the game concept is nice but simple. What I tried to do was to keep the application compatible for the most large number of doja handset by keeping a minimal resolution of 128x128 and DoJa 1.5 compatibility. I also tried to add as much details as I could and use the handset possibility (like vibrator feature). I think that too much complicated games or applications is not appropriate to a mobile phone, people generally play on their cell phone just for a couple of minutes of fun, so I think simple game concept for "casual gaming" is much better on mobile phone.

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