The 2nd DoJa Application Contest


How to Enter

(For Both the Open and Official Content Provider Categories)


Click the "Contest Entry" button on the right hand side of this page.
You will first be asked to choose between the Open and Official Content Provider categories.


Make a great application using your programming techniques and imagination.
On the DoJa Developer Network site, there is a wealth of information about a wide variety of DoJa-related topics from basic programming to advanced techniques.
In the Contest Forum, you can ask other DoJa creators for advice and communicate with the other contest participants!


Test your DoJa application on the appropriate version of the DoJa emulator and if possible on at least one handset.***


Submit updated and fixed versions of your DoJa application as many times as you want up until the December 31, 2006 deadline via your MY PAGE.

*** If you don't have the proper environment/means to check whether your DoJa application works or not, do not hesitate to enter the contest and submit your DoJa application. The contest organizers will check workability for you.

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